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Barbara Jean’s NEWEST Cookbook!


This book is about family and friends, great food, easier and smarter ways to cook, ideas about a lots of things in the kitchen that just make sense, and yeah, you’ll learn a lot about this absolutely remarkable woman. Oh, did we mention that she makes cooking fun too?  A really different cookbook! More than 220 pages, 65 incredible real food photos, and more than 120 new recipes.

Barbara Jean’s First Cookbook!


I wouldn’t exactly call it inspiration that got me to write this cookbook. I think it was a combination of coercion and encouragement from my family. Anyway, I’m glad I did it and I am going to do it again. This one has no particular theme or even a direction. I cook for the sheer pleasure of sharing something we all can enjoy, or I hope at least most of us can. Cooking Italian food is probably my favorite but the challenge of any ethnic or regional dish will get me going too. This book reflects that. You’ll find Mexican specialties, French and German, and more than a few American regional, especially Southern recipes. Kind of all over the map, but what would you expect from a German-Irish catholic girl from Brooklynn, New York? I know you’ll like it.

~Barbara Jean Barta

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